Thin Places

thin places
where the veil between heaven & earth is wispy paper

where I can feel her
that ageless girl
singing her heart song
a loud, pure soprano, echoing off the walls of a side canyon


I find her…

In the color green that only appears on the underbelly of lit leaves 

              lying in a prayer-like trance during shavasana

calmly holding her breath as she frog strokes through warm swells

she is fiercely loyal, yet unattached to any other soul
she feels more than her little body can hold
that body she loves but sometimes feels alien
blurred by a changed perspective
because she’s taller now, yet somehow smaller now

communing with nature magnetically rearranges the stardust in her veins
like an etch-a-sketch
she skips away new, mercurial

I am her & she is me


A conversation overheard in our kitchen:

"Would you rather..."
"Throwbaaaaack! Yes!"
"Would you rather have a 2 day stomach flu or spend those 2 days in the aftermath of a breakup?"
(in unison as a house) "STOMACH FLU"

A note for julesienana: the flowers are enchanted. there is no other explanation. also, I love you to the moon and back.