hello from a gringa in a sunny jungle

I don’t have time to say a lot because sleep is a hot commodity and my brain is overcooked. I thought I’d share a poem that I scribbled in the truck today. In return, please send me fluency on demand. Muchas gracias.

I moved to a new place that will have more regular wifi, and I should be here for a few weeks. There will be much more writing to come. Speaking of, I’ll be coordinating the social media for Panorama Service Expeditions going forward. The staff keeps me constantly laughing, and my first week was spent on a project with a women’s cooperative, producing coffee in a rural community.  I’m blown away by the persistent dedication of local community leaders, and the other program coordinators have quickly become my family. 

Also, I don’t drink coffee. The one time I tried it during high school, I performed a dance recital afterwards and kicked my own face. Today, a mug was placed in my hand, and I didn’t want to be rude. I haven’t lived until today. There’s no turning back now. 



En Los Estados Unidos

we want to be hot

walking around in trajes de baño

displaying the privilege of healthy bodies

bought and paid for

while mother nature cries



for us to chill

cool off for a second

just a few degrees

so she can restore the natural order of her gifts

En Los Estados Unidos

we are blind to truth

denying water scarcity

throwing lavish stacks of bills at hoses, sprinklers, and plastic bottles

as a cover-up

a diversion

Look! Avocados! Green grass!

A gym to fetishize your body

‘cause it’s hot



Well, I don’t want to be hot

not if it means exploitation



I want to be cool

so cool

we slow the melting of ice caps

so cool

we stop confusing the poor plants

so cool

we start prioritizing the poor people

that would be cool