commitments the antibiotics won't kill

It’s been just about a year that I’ve kept this blogging habit. So, here’s a list that will be an interesting inventory to look back on. Maybe. You know what’s weird about an online presence? Well, lots of stuff. Here it is folks: commitments the antibiotics won’t kill


1.     midday dance parties (clothing optional, busted moves mandatory)

2.     buying myself flowers (a note to future Gail: There is room in the budget. Make room in the budget, ya goober. Put down those nuts. You already bought all the nuts in the world.)

3.     belief in the medicine of laughter. The cosmos gave us Animal Planet for the betterment of all. Keep your friends close and your funny friends as roommates.

4.     cooking every meal like I’m seducing a very healthy mountain dweller—I vow to never abandon my newfound knowledge of healthy fats, the wonders of spices, and the satisfaction of a plateful of veggies that share one thing with Skittles (you can taste the whole damn rainbow)

5.     reading books late into the night like a middle-schooler with a flashlight. This one should maybe sit at #1, but I left the order haphazard.

6.     burning scented candles because the time is NOW and you can always replenish your stash

7.     celebrating other people’s successes

While the others may be purely lighthearted, this one holds some weight. It can be hard to stand still while others are in motion. If it’s not your day (or your year or your decade), hang tight and show up for your friends and family. Their milestone is not your epitaph. Stay lifted. 

You know what's even better than a poem?

A grainy photo of a squirrel up to no good