passing: a relief for midterms; complicated for skin tone

for some time now, I have imagined the earth as a broken, battered body

most likely that of a brown woman


her skin eroded

tears crashing onto emaciated banks


the work to be done is healing


and many things can happen at once during an extraordinary healing event

and yet

the healer must oscillate

triage the trauma and damage incurred

(you can only dress one wound with two hands at once)


there are so many social injustices and clamoring voices who need to be heard

on this sister planet we share

but let’s not let inter-claimed-connectionality get in the way of focused advocacy

because, dear healers, it’s not about abandoning all other pieces of your identity
it’s about abandoning the expectation that the good work on one frontier will necessarily benefit and “advance” other demographics


But! There’s a time for everything!

            Welllllllll… there’s also not a time for things,


Black Lives Matter is about black lives mattering.


when a report about the legacy of slavery has opened and brought attention to a gaping, festering wound

it’s not the time to make it about anyone else


It’s not about you. It’s about black lives. And how deeply they matter.