All dressed up and nowhere [out there] to go

Some people stand when a beautiful someone walks into the room

But I stand in silent reverence whenever a river catches my eye

     Wisdom is supposed to be derived from the collective memory of a community

But within our memories, Insta waterfalls have become more visible than their siblings irl

Peaks are collected 

Vistas consumed 

Killings displayed 

And those are the ones we consider “outdoors people” 

Everyone else, well, we don’t have to care or like our landscapes

We’ll settle for a few weekend escapes to a B&B and stay in our officefacilitybuildinghomecenterthankyouverymuch

We do not bow or dip our heads in awe

That movement has been driven to the oil wells 

A species yelling at each other behind firewalls, stoking fires that will burn down our walls, but not the borders we’ve drawn between ourselves 

I will not write about how we’ve harmed or sickened the planet 

Because frankly, you already know

You may ignore it

Or listen only to human voices, squawking about building walls or not building walls behind the walls of human dwellings

So don’t listen to me

Don’t listen to our community 

Listen to the soil in a crowded park with a sour taste in its mouth

Listen to the iridescent stem of a seedling, mustering the strength to pronounce, “watch me grow! monoculture must vanquishhhhh!"

If you listen you will hear the ants

The coast line flexing

The stars cooing the name of their Creator

the butterfly asking to be fed

and impervious surfaces, in muffled tones, saying who knows what

I know you can do it

You just looked at “your” dog and had an entire silent conversation about how weird this sounds via side eye

You think Spot has a personality

So why not that lily pond right next door?

… Why are you still reading?

Can’t you listen?

It’s time for you to go hear what others have to say.

It may be hard to hear, so take your dog. She wants to go outside anyway.