learning more about humankind than the human race

Living in Central America for a blink has allowed me to examine my indoctrinated ideas about sexuality, hospitality and communication.
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hello from a gringa in a sunny jungle

I’m trying to soak it all up, be a sponge,
listen, learn, witness,
slow down, be gentle,
lend a hand whenever I can 

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our planet is dying, and it's my fault

What if we understood that the passage of time is actually a circle, not a double helix?
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breaking my silence

I’m grateful for the people who work day in and day out to move in that direction. I’m grateful for the people who take the brokenness and muck of the world as material to make people laugh. I’m grateful each time I learn how to be subversive with love. I’m grateful that I’m a woman.
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Why you gotta bee afraid?

Because when I was a little girl, I watched adult women flee and squeal when bees approached. It was conditioned into me as a gender role. Now, they sit on flowers centimeters from my face, doing their work while I do mine.
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